Cliniceval Solutions, LLC established to connect clinical trial stakeholders and expedite delivery of novel therapies to patients in need

(Cincinnati, OH, USA – April 30, 2018) – Cliniceval Solutions, LLC announced the opening of a business focused on refining and optimizing the clinical development and the clinical trial process on a global basis. As a global clinical Site Assessment Organization, Cliniceval Solution’s mission is to expedite the development of novel therapies for patients in need by using the trademarked database ClinicEval ConnectÔto facilitate the most suitable and ideal connection of clinical trial stakeholders.

ClinicEval ConnectÔis a unique and highly customizable database that includes key information on the clinical research interests of Principal Investigators and research sites, Sponsors (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, medical diagnostics), Contract Research and Site Management Organizations (CROs and SMOs), and Patient Advocacy Groups. Developed with an “opt-in” configuration, ClinicEval ConnectÔwill be utilized to provide a rapid and effective connection of clinical trial stakeholders with similar research interests and objectives.

“Over nearly 30 years of involvement in the clinical trial space, I have witnessed many areas of inefficiency which slow down the development and delivery of treatments to patients in need.” said Jim Westerkamp, President. “I believe the introduction of ClinicEval Connectto the clinical development community will have a positive impact on the overall development timelines by allowing quicker connections between parties with shared interests. Our unique model will bridge many global groups and is expected to fill a gap that has yet to be addressed across stakeholders. We are dedicated to improving the process.”

Cliniceval Solutions, LLC will serve as a liaison between Principal Investigators, Sponsors, CROs, SMOs and Patient Advocacy Groups, primarily providing clinical trial feasibility services to identify optimal clinical trial investigators and research sites and ensure they are qualified for clinical trial participation. Information entered into ClinicEval ConnectÔby each of the stakeholders can be rapidly cross-referenced to permit the accurate selection of researchers and to save time and cost for the Sponsors. Improved development times will ultimately result in the more efficient delivery of novel treatments to patients in need.