ClinicEval Connect™

is a proprietary opt-in global database including more than 10,000 KOLs and PIs developed to provide an effective and rapid connection

for our partners seeking improved efficiencies in the clinical development process.


Opt-in Database

Ensures time savings, cost savings, and the selection of an optimal target audience for market research and clinical trial feasibility assessment; contains contact data and key information to ensure rapid deployment and completion of all market research and feasibility assessment needs.

Contact Data 

  • Clinician and Institution
  • Clinician Specialty
  • Therapeutic Area of Focus
  • Specific Areas of Research Interest
  • Past and Current Research Experience
  • Site Infrastructure



bridging the gap between all clinical development stakeholders

Rapid Access

Whether conducting market research to gather KOL insights to inform and advance your clinical development plan or seeking to identify and select optimal research sites and PIs to maintain trial timelines- time is of the essence. Registrants in ClinicEval Connect are pre-screened and pre-qualified, and highly responsive.


To opt-in to ClinicEval Connect™, click here:

You will be contacted when a potential “connection” is identified.